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*MADE TO ORDER* PLEASE CONTACT SHOP BEFORE ORDERING HARD JIG SHOE BY JOHN CAREY Features: Uppers: Leather Split Sole: Suede Tip: Fiberglass Heel: Fiberglass & 5mm Tufnol PolyCarb Heel Guard PARENTS: No more time consuming tape jobs No more extra tape costs No more effort

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The ORIGINAL & Revolutionary Registered Design & White Strip ™ helps to visually lower the sock line and with the use of a white strap gives the top part of the shoe a more open and courtshoe appearance, while retaining the support, safety and stability of the traditional design. As you can expect from John Carey, all the functional features and designs have been enhanced to offer better performance, sound and durablitiy. The all black suede split sole, black tips and black heels offers a beautiful aesthetic while also allowing continued and lasting flexibility without sacrificing support. 

To produce Iconic White's
 THUNDEROUS SOUND, the heels and tips are constructed from fiberglass with the addition of a 5mm Tufnol Poly Carbonate Guide attached to the heel. The heel has also been designed to perform "clicks" more loudly -Ear Shatteringly GOOD!!!!

The traditional lacing system ensures a snug and comfortable fit. The Leather Uppers offer one of the markets softest finishes and a much faster "breaking-in" time.


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